When you have a home repair plan, your life can be simpler when something goes wrong with your covered systems or appliances. In addition to helping you keep things in working order and minimize your costs, an energy inspection can identify potential problems and help prevent them from occurring. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides a checklist of recommendations for home energy inspections. However, when it comes to home repairs, we still recommend you to work with a home warranty company like First American that can back you up in case of any emergencies.

Have an energy audit

Even if you’re not yet registered with an energy auditor, you can conduct an energy audit through an energy audit service that is certified by the NFPA. This service can help you to identify potential issues related to energy use and identify ways to improve your home’s energy performance. A complete home energy audit can cost anywhere from $200 to $250. Before you enter the energy audit market, it’s important to check that the audit company offers services. Check to see if the services offered by an energy auditor include performing an energy audit and assessing your home’s energy use. These types of services generally have higher start-up costs, so consider hiring the service that offers you the lowest rate. If you do hire an energy auditor, it’s important to see that the audit company has proper licenses and qualifications.

Get an estimate on the cost of an energy audit from the online energy audit comparison tool.

Energy audits and home energy testing: What can you do?

Energy audits provide valuable information about your home’s energy use and performance. In addition to the information you can gain about your home’s energy efficiency, an energy audit can identify problems with your home’s home energy system and suggest ways to improve your home’s performance. For more information, see Energy audits and home energy testing.

Elevating your energy use

Using the free Home Energy Report application on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) website gives you easy access to energy efficiency information. Home energy reports help you monitor how much electricity you’re using and track energy usage trends. If you’re interested in seeing your energy use patterns and get a sense of where you may be headed, the report is a great tool. To see an example, see how your energy use has changed.


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