About Me

Every blog is supposed to have one of these, right? Well, this is that page for this blog.

If you really want to know “About Me”, I’d suggest you just read some of the posts (which I usually think of as “articles” or “essays”). That should give you a pretty good idea of who I am and what I’m about. Or at least what I’m about when it comes to writing about myself and other topics, at least.

I was born in May of 1962, which makes me a Baby Boomer, although just barely.  I remember the Viet Nam war very well, since my dad fought in it and was deployed there twice. I stayed up all night with my parents to watch the first moon landing. I wrote my first “current events” paper in 6th grade on Richard Nixon’s Watergate troubles.

I was an Army Brat for my entire childhood –  from birth right up to high school graduation and beyond. That means every year it was a new location, a new school, new friends, new accents, sometimes even a new country. So when people talk about “home towns” or “what school they went to”, I’m always at a loss. I have no home town, and I was enrolled in over a dozen different schools.  My graduating high school ended up being La Rue County High, in Hodgenville, Kentucky (Dad was stationed at Fort Knox at the time).

I went to college at Northwestern University in Evanston/Chicago, and then later graduate school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  I’ve worked in both the television/movie industry as well as the computer software business. As an adult, I’ve lived in Chicago, Los Angeles,  Seattle, Charlotte,  Fort Lauderdale, and Long Beach.

My current primary job is in software development, but my side work and business is video production, motion work, and editing. In my spare time, I read, watch movies, scuba dive, and glide (as in “fly a glider”).  At work, they refer to me as an “Honorary Young Person”, since I am a technology fetishist and there’s not much about computers I don’t know.  Also probably because I sincerely like a lot of current music and keep up with it.

My husband of the past 20 years is Frank Henderson, and we currently live in a small apartment in downtown Long Beach, California. Since I’m a guy and he’s a guy, that should provide you with an important clue about our lifestyle.

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Welcome to Costco and I Love You.