Meet the New Ferret

A few weeks ago, our ferret Freddie (that’s Miss Freddie – she’s a girl, despite the name) seemed like she was getting lonely. She was getting more neurotic, hiding her toys and checking on them repeatedly. As Frank says, she was getting even more OCD… And then she stared climbing up onto the chairs, getting on the side tables, and breaking coasters. Something had to be done.

Since we love our little girl, we decided she needed some company. So, we began looking around, and on July 8th, we found little Miss Sally in our local Pet Supermarket. Little Sally was just 9 weeks old when we got her, and cute as a button. She has a black nose, which makes her look sort of like a little teddie bear to us. It also makes her distinctly different from Freddie, who, being a Sable Mitt ferret, has a pink nose and white paws (in addition to a blaze of white on her chest).

Miss Freddie Spaghetti Miss Sally O’Mally

Sally came home in a cardboard box, furiously scratching for the entire drive, and as soon as we got home we introduced her to Freddie. As ferrets are wont to do, they hit it off right away. Two weeks later, and we’ve purchased a new ferret cage – a Ferret Nation cage two-story deal – plus tons of new toys. And we’ve decided to get into some more elaborate ferret photography as well, so you may see more pictures of our little girls here.

And before someone posts a comment – yes, I realize very well that they are surrogates for children – so what’s wrong with that? We’re two guys in our mid-forties, and I see no problem indulging in some harmless fun with our little furries. They need a loving home, and we need an outlet for our parental emotions. Freddie needed someone to mother, and Sally needed a mother. Everyone’s happy.

I must say that I think ferrets are wonderful pets. They’re cute, they’re clean, and they’re always entertaining. They’re not as cuddly as a dog, but they’re also not aloof like a cat. We get hours of enjoyment watching the two of them wrestle around on the floor, or chase each other around the living room, or play elaborate games of hide and seek.

Freddie, having just broken a coaster,
tries to look innocent
Two pretty girls in a hammock

Ferrets tax your brain as well, since they are incredibly curious critters, and will try to get into everything. They are not a pet for the fainthearted or the easily frustrated. But they’re perfect for us, and we love our girls. You can take a peek at them (assuming they’re in their cage at the moment) by clicking on the web cam link “Ferret Cam” to the right of this article. Any time of the day, stop in and say Hi to Miss Freddie Spaghetti and her sidekick, Miss Sally O’Mally.

They’ll be hosting a tea party soon, I’m sure.

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